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OCI Research Chair

OCI and Marine Institute collaborate as Dr. Noel Cadigan has been named the first Ocean Choice International Research Chair in Stock Assessment and Sustainable Harvest Advice for Northwest Atlantic Fisheries

OCI is pleased to announce a contribution of $500,000 to a newly established OCI Industrial Research Chair in fish stock assessment and sustainable harvest advise for the Northwest Atlantic fisheries at the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University, based in St. John’s, NL.

“OCI is committed to environmental sustainability and marine stewardship in all our practices and in all our facilities,” said Martin Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer. “We are excited to be helping build a world class fisheries science and research capacity right here in Newfoundland and Labrador and to be partnering with industry, science and government to achieve a common goal of a sustainable fishery for our province.”

Blaine Sullivan, OCI’s Chief Operating Officer; “noted that we are hopeful that collaborations such as the OCI Industrial Research Chair that is focused on fish stock assessment and sustainability of our marine environment can contribute to ensuring the fishery remains healthy and viable for everyone.” OCI is consistently leading the way with sustainable fisheries, quality, innovation and services and look forward to working with new research chair, Dr. Noel Cadigan and his team. OCI is committed to being a world leader in sustainable and innovative harvesting, processing and marketing.

Please see attached link to Memorial University’s Press Release regarding this exciting collaboration.

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