Sustainability | Ocean Choice International


Proud to be one of the leading producer of MSC certified seafood products in Canada. Our commitment to sustainable fishing is one of the ways we ensure our catch is quality. And that’s just good business.

The North Atlantic has gifted us with some of the best fish in the entire world. That’s what we’ve built our business on. We love what we do and where we do it, so it’s no question that sustainability has to be one of our core values. After all, we’re only in business so long as we respect the ocean and the resource.

And sustainability is proving to be good for business! More and more consumers are looking for seafood that’s certified as sustainably fished—in grocery stores, in restaurants, everyone wants to eat sustainably.

We want OCI to be synonymous with sustainable.

How we do sustainable

Nature is our guide. Firstly, we do not fish during sensitive parts of marine cycles, such as spawning. By respecting fish cycles we keep stocks healthy and plentiful, and that’s good for us too.

New innovations. We also use the latest technologies to ensure we catch only the species we’re after, allowing the young ones a chance escape and grow to reproductive maturity.

Partnering up with other experts. Working with all levels of government, scientists, and researchers, we listen and contribute to the latest dialogue on sustainability. We at OCI are proud of our achievements in sustainability, but we are not stopping. We’re always innovating and improving sustainability practices.