Traceability | Ocean Choice International


Ocean Choice International believes that the best way to do business is to be involved in each and every stage of the process.

As a vertically integrated company, we own our own fishing fleet, work closely with all our fishers, and own and maintain all of our state-of-the-art processing plants throughout Atlantic Canada. From ocean to kitchen, we watch and control every step—meaning you get the highest quality product, every time. OCI can trace products from catch to customer. Our traceability program ensures that along all aspects of production and supply, we are in full control. Our internal data systems enable immediate accessibility of critical data.

From Ocean: As soon as products are caught they are assigned a reference number that ties the catch to vessel, fishing area, time of catch and other important factors. This info is then passed to our processing facilities and will follow the product through the process to the customer.

To Facilities: Upon receipt of incoming product OCI quality staff inspect all lots against OCI and customer specifications. A code is assigned to that product and will follow all aspects of the product until delivered to consumers.

To Warehouses: All products are shipped to cold storage with the lot code and product info that the plant assigns.

To Customers: Customers working with OCI can trace the product back to the catch.