Cooked and Peeled Shrimp

Pandalus Borealis

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  • MSC certified fishery
  • Year-round supply to support programs and listings
  • Fully cooked and peeled
  • No preservatives
  • Full range of popular sizes
  • Retail and vacuum packs
  • Ability to custom pack
For those times when you need shrimp, but don’t have time to shell it and cook it, look to OCI’s cooked and peeled shrimp. Everything you love about fresh shrimp, ready in even less time. Enjoy all-natural and sustainable shrimp. Our shrimp is MSC certified and has zero preservatives. We can supply you perfect bite size morsels all year round.
Grades (count/lb) 90/120 <150 125/175 150/250 250/350 350/500 400+