Greenland Halibut/Turbot | Ocean Choice International

Greenland Halibut/Turbot

Reinhardtius Hippoglossoides

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  • OCI-owned quota for guaranteed supply
  • Vessels and factories are HACCP and QMP approved
  • Frozen at sea (FAS) and land-frozen production
  • All natural, no additives
  • Product of Canada
  • Fished with Newfoundland Lynx

Greenland Halibut is a big, beautiful fish packed with flavour. A favourite on plates around the world, OCI’s is some of the finest because of the care we take in processing.

We use no additives or preservatives on our product, so all you taste is wonderfully natural flavour. Some of our products are frozen on land, while that from our offshore fishery frozen at sea within minutes of being caught. Our HACCP and QMP approved vessels help ensure consistent quality of our halibut. When it hits the plate, OCI tastes like it just came out of the cold North Atlantic waters.

FAS H&G <300, 300-500g, 500-1000g, 1-2kg, 2kg+ 1 x 12kg
FAS Whole 400-700g, 700-1000g 1 x 12kg
FAS Heads Full Range <300g, >300g 1 x 12kg
Plant frozen H&G

<300g / 300-500g / 500-1000g / 1-2kg
2-3kg / 3-5kg / 5+kg

Random Weight
Plant frozen Heads 180-300g, 300-500g, 500-1000g,1000g+ 1 x 10kg