How Does My Seafood Get To Me? | Ocean Choice International

How Does My Seafood Get To Me?

As the quota holders for so much of Canada’s seafood, OCI has a duty to deliver quality product to domestic and international markets. We do that by being involved in every aspect of the process. That’s how we bring the taste of the North Atlantic to your plate.

Before the harvest

First we start with smart harvest decisions, based on the health and cycles of fish stocks. We want our harvest to be sustainable and to yield good product. And we seek international certifications such as MSC to make sure out fishing practices are up to snuff and then some.

Where we get our fish

We purchase fish from over 1,500 inshore fish harvesters, supporting coastal communities and the culture of Atlantic Canada. We also have a significant offshore presence; well out to sea, in the cold waters of the North Atlantic, we harvest some outstanding fish, and we freeze it at sea within minutes to capture that outstanding taste and freshness.

From Ship to Shore

Swiftly we move our fish to processing plants throughout Atlantic Canada, where we expertly prepare a variety of seafood products—delicate fillets, claws and tails, and morsels of meat—for supermarkets and restaurants. We may be based in the North Atlantic but with offices all over the world, we’re experts at moving vast quantities of our premium product.

From the water, to our boats, to our plants, to our valued partners: our fish is always within our sight. Our commitment to this business model ensures we maintain our exceptional standards. That way you know that when an OCI product makes it to your kitchen, it represents the best the North Atlantic Ocean—and we—have to offer.