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OCI ready for meaningful discussion with FFAW

March 16, 2012

Martin Sullivan, President and CEO of Ocean Choice International, said today the company remains committed to returning to the table to resolve the labour impasse associated with the Newfoundland Lynx, and to finalize negotiations for all outstanding labour contracts between the company and the Fish, Food and Allied Workers Union (FFAW).
“We are more than willing to continue discussion with the FFAW in an effort to finalize labour contracts and move on with our business,” said Martin Sullivan, Presdent and CEO. “Similarly, we expect the FFAW to engage in meaningful discussions and take the results of negotiations to its membership for consideration, something it hasn’t lived up to at this juncture.”
One of stumbling blocks to reaching an agreement thus far has been on the fundamental principle that the company should be able to preserve its management rights to choose where and when a vessel operates and what species it will fish. OCI’s track record in its Newfoundland Lynx operational plans to date have been more than acceptable to the union and has resulted in its crew being among the highest paid in the fleet. Sullivan said as long as this principle is preserved, agreements should be forthcoming in the near future.
OCI received a call from the provincial Department of Labour yesterday asking the company to return to the table. The company has been awaiting the union’s desire to continue discussions, and will do so at the appointed mediator’s request.

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