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OCI reaches agreement on future of flatfish business

December 21, 2012

Ocean Choice International (OCI) announced today that it has reached an agreement on the future of its flatfish business. This agreement will see year-round operation of OCI’s groundfish plant in Fortune, and many other spin-off benefits for the people of the province.
“This agreement will not only bring secure jobs for our employees at Fortune, but also for the employees at sea on our fishing vessels,” said CEO Martin Sullivan. “This will also lead to significant investment in new processing technology at our Fortune plant and in new harvesting technology on our vessels.”
OCI’s flatfish fishery is primarily focused on Yellowtail Flounder, a fishery certified as environmentally sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) in 2010. “All of our stakeholders, especially our plant and vessel employees and our customers around the world, have looked forward to the day we would have more stability in this business and this agreement now provides that opportunity” said Sullivan.
OCI emphasized that this has been a very difficult business in the past and moving forward will require the commitment of all employees, and other stakeholders, to make it a successful and sustainable business for the future. “You have our commitment that we will work tirelessly to make this business work” said Sullivan. OCI is confident that with the good working relationship that already exists with the employees and the Town of Fortune that the company has an excellent chance for success.
Blaine Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer, thanked customers around the world who have been very patient and supportive as the company has worked to restructure its groundfish business. “The company will now have over 14,000 metric tonnes of flatfish quota as well as redfish available for sale to our global customer base and will begin harvesting immediately to supply their needs” said Sullivan.

The company also thanked the Provincial government, especially Minister Dalley and local MHA, Minister Darin King, who have worked extremely hard to find a solution that is in the best interests of the province.

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