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OCI engaging with Government, Union on support for worker adjustment program

December 5, 2011

Martin Sullivan, President and CEO of Ocean Choice International (OCI), said today the company will meet with Government later today to discuss a labour force adjustment program for the 410 employees affected by the company’s permanent closure of plants in Port Union and Marystown last week. OCI requested the meeting on a priority basis on December 2, and will meet soon with the union (FFAW) as well.

“OCI will provide financial assistance to adjustment programs for its workers as part of an overall package to be defined in consultation with Government and the FFAW,” said Sullivan. “This is priority number one for us.”

Labour force adjustment programs, like the Fishery Adjustment Program, will become part of the solution to the current situation. Simultaneously, OCI said it will continue to work with affected Towns on plans for the future.

“If our properties in Marystown and Port Union can become part of the solution to community economic development, then we are more than willing to discuss the options with the Towns of Marystown and Port Union,” Sullivan said.

OCI also indicated today it will meet with the Schooner Development Corporation who is responsible for economic development on the Burin Peninsula in the very near future, and has committed to meet with similar groups in an effort to support improved economic stability in the regions in which it operates.
Meanwhile, OCI is continuing meetings this week with the Town Councils of Triton and Bonavista, and will address the Corner Brook Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday. “Our message is straightforward,” said Sullivan. “We have to embrace change in the fishery in order to ensure its sustainability in the future.”
For further information on the recent restructuring at OCI, go to www.oceanchoice.com/future.

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