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OCI Announces Further Commitments to Sustainable Fisheries

March 17, 2017

(St. John’s, NL) Ocean Choice International (OCI) is pleased to support their Industry Association, Groundfish Enterprise Allocation Council (GEAC), who this week announced the launch of a Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) for two Canadian Redfish / Ocean Perch fisheries. Canada’s Unit 1 and Unit 2 Redfish fisheries are located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Laurentian Channel, (primarily between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland). Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) will support GEAC towards achieving certification for those fisheries. The offshore component of these fisheries currently has a TAC (total allowable catch) of over 8000 metric tons, of which OCI holds the largest portion of approximately 40%.

In its continued commitment to sustainable fisheries, OCI is also pleased to announce their Greysole / Witch Flounder fisheries in NAFO areas 2J3KL, 3NO and 3Ps will enter into a Fisheries Improvement Project. Sponsored by GEAC with the support of SFP this FIP will monitor these recovering fisheries as they are managed to reach readiness for the MSC certification process. Currently these fisheries have a Canadian TAC of almost 1800 metric tons of which OCI holds 85%.

“OCI has been very committed to achieving MSC certification for all of our fisheries”, noted Martin Sullivan, CEO of OCI. “With over 90% of our current resource base MSC certified these FIP’s will prepare our key remaining fisheries for the MSC certification process, putting us near the finish line of 100% MSC certified fisheries.”

Blaine Sullivan, COO of OCI added, “Redfish / Ocean Perch and Greysole were once robust fisheries on Canada’s Atlantic Coast and have strong appeal in markets around the world. As they continue to recover and grow we are committed to a leadership role in ensuring that they are managed sustainably for the future of all stakeholders, including our customers.”

Ocean Choice International is one of Canada’s leading vertically integrated seafood harvesting, processing and marketing companies with operations throughout Atlantic Canada and has sales and marketing offices around the world. An MSC certified company and one of Canada’s largest wild fish quota holders, OCI is a leader in fishing and processing technology and market development. For further information visit www.oceanchoice.com.

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