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Ocean Choice receives MSC Certification for Yellowtail Flounder

October 29, 2010

Ocean Choice International (OCI) has received official notice that the OCI Grand
Bank yellowtail flounder fishery has completed the certification process and been awarded the Marine
Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for sustainably managed fisheries. OCI, with over 90% of the
quota for this 35 million lb Canadian fishery, was the client sponsor for the MSC assessment process.

“This is another significant achievement for our company in the area of fisheries sustainability,” said
Blaine Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer of OCI. “Our flounder fishery is harvested by our own fishing
fleet and the majority of this fish is processed at our operations here in Newfoundland. This allows us to
implement sustainable practices throughout the chain and deliver consistent high quality flounder to our
customers. As our Marketing team takes this product to customers around the world, the respected
MSC ecolabel provides assurance that our fishery is well managed and sustainable, factors that are
extremely important to consumers.”

The MSC operates the most universal and respected certification program available for wild capture
fisheries. The OCI assessment by an independent third party certifier anlayzed fishery data and a
multitude of scientific indicators against the Marine Stewardship Council Principles and Criteria for
Sustainable Fishing that includes three core principles: health of the fish stock, fishery impacts on the
ecosystem, and fishery management.

Yellowtail flounder is harvested on Canada’s Grand Banks and this is the first of the Grand Banks
finfish fisheries to receive MSC certification. Marketed in the US primarily as flounder, in Canada as
sole and in Europe as Canadian yellowtail flounder, this species has long been recognized as a
versatile consumer favorite in both retail and foodservice markets. Recent market development has
seen new business in China, Japan and Europe to complement traditional North American markets.

“Our customers care about the state of our fisheries,” added Sullivan. “With our Northern shrimp and
Atlantic scallop fisheries already MSC certified, the addition of yellowtail flounder takes us to almost
50% of our raw material base MSC certified and closer to our objective of having 100% of our fisheries
certified. Our future is tied to the sea and by taking a lead role in fisheries management we ensure our
future success.”

Ocean Choice International is one of Canada’s leading vertically integrated seafood harvesting,
processing and marketing companies with operations throughout Atlantic Canada and Sales &
Marketing offices around the world. As Canada’s largest wild fish quota holder OCI is a leader in fishing
and processing technology and market development.

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