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Ocean Choice Pleased with Meeting with FFAW

May 3, 2007

Ocean Choice International Inc. is pleased to report that they had a very cooperative and cordial meeting with the FFAW this morning. This was a preliminary meeting between the Union and the company since an announcement on Monday that Ocean Choice had reached an agreement to acquire the Primary Group Assets of Fishery Products International, including all of the Newfoundland based plants and vessels, (except Burin), the offshore shrimp and turbot business in Newfoundland, the offshore scallop business in Nova Scotia and the sales offices in Europe and Asia.

Ocean Choice briefed the FFAW on the history of the company and gave a general overview of their operating plan once a final deal has been reached with FPI. The company told the FFAW that it intends to operate the plants it will take ownership of.

This meeting was also an opportunity for the FFAW to speak to company officials face to face and identify the issues that exist in each location.
Specific issues of collective bargaining will be on the agenda for further meetings in the coming days.

Ocean Choice looks forward to a productive and open relationship, based on trust and respect, with the FFAW and believes the two can work together towards a more sustainable industry in the future.

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