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Ocean Choice Plans to Adapt its Proposed Development Plan for Long Pond Harbour

October 14, 2020

For Immediate Release, St. John’s, NL – October 14, 2020: Over the last number of years, Ocean Choice’s proposed development in Long Pond Harbour has been undergoing a stringent regulatory review with all three levels of government. To date, the proposed development has received several of the required approvals.

Today, as part of the regulatory process for the proposed development, Ocean Choice received notification from the Federal Department of Transport Canada’s Navigable Waters Protection Division that their review of the initial application is complete. While approval could not be issued at this time, Navigable Waters provided recommendations for Ocean Choice to include in an updated application that should see the development proceed. Over the next couple of weeks, Ocean Choice will review the recommendations made by Navigable Waters and the Company will follow the advice provided by them to resubmit the proposal under their normal procedures.

Since the beginning of August, Ocean Choice has been soliciting feedback and input relating to its proposed development plan for Long Pond Harbour from interested parties in the area. In response to this input and further guidance from Navigable Waters, the Company is making some adjustments to the development plan for the area. The updated plan will be released within the coming weeks.


“Maintaining safe access to the channel for those who currently use the area for recreation and/or business purposes is of the utmost importance to us,” said Blaine Sullivan, President, Ocean Choice. “Through this process with Navigable Waters, we were hoping that the experts within the Department would provide guidance on safe navigation for the area, which is what we received.”

“We are focused on being a good neighbor for the existing businesses, residents and others who currently utilize the Long Pond Harbour for either pleasure or business purposes,” said Sullivan. “We are committed to investing in a development that will complement the existing commercial activity while balancing the recreational use of the harbor – we know this is important and it is how the harbour has always operated.”

For more information pertaining to Ocean Choice’s proposed Long Pond Development, visit: https://oceanchoice.com/longpond/.

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