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Ocean Choice makes changes to Long Pond Development Plan to accommodate feedback

October 23, 2020

After careful consideration and extensive work with its team of engineers, Ocean Choice announces a new adjusted plan for the Company’s proposed development in Long Pond Harbour.

“Over the last several weeks, we have been meeting, listening and answering questions from individuals who have shown an interest in our proposed development in Long Pond Harbour,” says President of Ocean Choice, Blaine Sullivan. “Taking into consideration some of the things we heard throughout this process as well as feedback from the Navigable Waters Division of Transport Canada – we have made some adjustments to our development plan.”

Ocean Choice’s adjusted plan will see the development moved southwest in the harbour towards Terminal Road, the existing commercial area of the harbour. Some of the key updates to the plan are as follows:

  • Removed just over 32 ft. (10 m.) from the east side of the development, providing recreational boaters with an approximate 100 ft. (30.1 m.) marked channel for safe navigation. Ocean Choice is committed to ensuring the channel is as deep as the existing channel used by the boaters in the area.
  • Removed 78 ft. (24 m.) from the northeast side of the development, providing additional navigation on this side of the development.
  • Moved the access road to the property back towards the southern portion of the Harbour – an area that is not currently being utilized due to shallow water depths.
  • Changed the angle of the proposed wharf to provide additional clearance between Ocean Choice’s property and the adjacent property.



Cold Storage Building Design

Today, as part of Ocean Choice’s updated development plan the Company has unveiled the possible design of the cold storage facility, where the Company will store its frozen-at-sea product from five of its offshore fishing vessels. The building has been designed by a local, professional architect firm. The proposed building has a modern, nautical look and feel to highlight Newfoundland and Labrador’s cultural connection with the ocean and the fishery.  See Background for possible designs being considered for the cold storage infrastructure.

“Our priority with any investment that we undertake is first and foremost to be a good neighbor and work with businesses and residents within the area. We are happy to make some adjustments to our design to help balance the commercial and recreational operations of the harbour,” says Sullivan. “We are also happy to release the architectural design for the cold storage to demonstrate the type of infrastructure we are looking at developing in the area.”

For more information about Ocean Choice’s proposed Long Pond Development, visit: https://oceanchoice.com/longpond/.

Current Status:

Following the advice from the Navigable Waters Division of Transport Canada, Ocean Choice has submitted an updated application under their normal procedures. For a copy of the application visit: https://common-project-search.canada.ca/ and type 2438 into the search function. Working from the draft Terms of Reference released by the Town of Conception Bay South on October 5th, Ocean Choice has been diligently working on the Land Use Impact Assessment Report. Once the Terms of Reference are officially provided to the Company, we will adjust the report based on any changes made to the Draft Terms of Reference as a result of the public commentary submitted to the Town.

Quick Facts

  • 30 to 40 new jobs created once the cold storage facility is operational.
  • Millions of dollars in spin-off business opportunities for supply services in the area and economic benefit to other local businesses in the area and the potential relocation of people to the community.
  • Approximately, $15 million in the start-up construction phase, creating local employment opportunities.

About Ocean Choice

Ocean Choice is a family-owned and operated Newfoundland and Labrador company that employs over 1,700 people in 300 communities throughout the province. The Company operates five fish processing plants and six offshore fishing vessels, and it sources seafood from over 1,900 independent fishers from across the province.

Media Contact  

Cara Pike, Director, Communications and Marketing, Ocean Choice

C: +1 (709) 685-9290 E: cpike@oceanchoice.com




Possible designs being considered for the cold storage infrastructure which may continue to be refined.


View from Perrins Road



View from Sunset Key Marina





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