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Ocean Choice International seeks reasonable labour agreement

April 30, 2010

Ocean Choice International’s CEO, Martin Sullivan says, “I am not
surprised by the FFAW’s announcement that they are seeking a strike vote. We remain
open to exploring creative solutions. It’s no secret that the fishing industry is facing
challenges – market conditions, the Canadian dollar and the world wide recession are
all factors adversely affecting the overall industry.”

He reiterated that the current external factors when combined with the significant
difference between our proposals makes it challenging to find a solution acceptable to
both sides.

“Ocean Choice offered an increase in each year of a two-year agreement. Although
flexibility was sought on certain issues, the Ocean Choice contract remains the highest
total compensation collective agreement within our seafood sector,” said Sullivan.
Ocean Choice offered an overall wage increase to a wage of $13.25 per hour in year
one and $13.45 in year two.

This is the first contract for Ocean Choice International to negotiate with the FFAW for
the plants located at Bonavista, Dildo, Marystown, Port Union, Port au Choix, and

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