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Ocean Choice awards contract for preliminary work for Long Pond Development

February 21, 2022

To begin preparations for its cold storage and wharf development in Long Pond, Conception Bay South, Ocean Choice has awarded a contract to local contractor RJG Construction of St. John’s to begin preliminary work at the site.

“The contract awarded is for a small piece of work to prepare the site for the future development,” says Blaine Sullivan, President, Ocean Choice International. “This piece of work will see a small footprint within the approved development site infilled to create a laydown and parking area to accommodate vehicles during the construction phase of the development. We are expecting the work to take one to two weeks to complete.”

Approximately, 1000m3 of blasted rock will be placed on the Terminal Road side of Ocean Choice’s development, creating a laydown and parking area to support future construction activities at the site. The area to be infilled is highlighted in green in the below development map.

In June of 2021, as a result of feedback received from area residents, business owners and the Town of Conception Bay South’s Council, Ocean Choice announced a revised plan for the development in Long Pond. The development will see approximately 1.7 hectares of new land developed that will house a 90-metre long finger pier, a laydown and parking area as well as a cold storage building where the company’s frozen-at-sea products will be stored until shipped to global markets.

“We are pleased to begin progress on the development,” says Sullivan. “We are starting this work while we finalize the overall contract for the development so that we will be ready to proceed in a timeline to minimize disruption to the area during peak boating season. As we finalize the contract and plans for the construction phase of the development; and we have more details relating to timelines and process we will communicate these plans.”

The Long Pond Development has undergone vigorous federal, provincial and municipal permitting and authorizations; and the development plan received unanimous approval from the Town of Conception Bay South’s members of Council.

Quick Facts

  • Significant Local Investment: Approximately, $15 to $20 million in the start-up construction phase, creating local employment opportunities.
  • New Job Creation: 30 to 40 new jobs created once the cold storage facility is operational.
  • Spin-Off Business Opportunities: Millions of dollars in spin-off business opportunities for supply services in the area, economic benefit to other local businesses in the area as 300 crew travel to the area for work, and the potential relocation of people to the community.
  • Local Spending: Increased spending at local businesses (i.e., gas stations, restaurants, etc.) as over 300 crew travel to the area for work.

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