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Ocean Choice adds another MSC certified product to its portfolio

April 15, 2010

Ocean Choice International (Ocean Choice) recently received confirmation
that their Wild Canadian Sea Scallop fishery has joined Canadian Coldwater Shrimp as MSC
approved fisheries. Both these fisheries are significant components of Ocean Choice’s product
portfolio, and with Ocean Choice’s Grand Bank Yellowtail Flounder trawl fishery and the
Canadian Offshore Prawn fishery currently in the final stages of assessment for MSC approval,
more than two-thirds of Ocean Choice’s substantial quota and raw material base will soon be
under the globally recognized MSC umbrella of sustainable fisheries.
“We take great pride in ensuring that our scallop fisheries operate in a responsible and
sustainable manner, and meeting MSC certification reaffirms that we are doing the right thing,”
said Martin Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer of Ocean Choice. Sullivan said it is important for
Ocean Choice to be responsible stewards of the fishing industry, and that means doing more than
just ensuring sustainable operations. “We know we must do our part in ensuring the continued
viability of the fishing industry, and that is why we have an active role in supporting the
development and use of new technologies to minimize fisheries impact, as well as participate in
the collection of marine data for further scientific research and development,” he said.
The MSC is considered the preeminent international standard for certification of sustainable
fisheries. In order to achieve certification, every fishery must prove that it meets three

  1. A fishery must be conducted in a manner that does not lead to over fishing or
    depletion of the exploited populations.
  2. Fishing operations should allow for the maintenance of the structure, productivity,
    function and diversity of the ecosystem.
  3. The fishery is subject to an effective management system that requires use of the
    resource to be responsible and sustainable.

As a major Canadian quota holder of offshore shrimp, scallops, flounder and other key
Canadian species Ocean Choice is a leader in seafood harvesting and processing and
has played a lead role in establishing the foundation for several Canadian fisheries’
successful achievement of MSC status.
“Customers around the world have shown they care about our oceans and how our
fisheries are managed”, said Sullivan, “and at Ocean Choice we take our responsibility
as significant quota holders and stewards of our oceans very seriously. Working with
MSC, various levels of Government, Science and all stakeholders in our fisheries we
want to ensure that future generations of harvesters, processors and consumers enjoy
the bounty of our oceans. We are clearly on course to achieve this, and as more and
more customers target MSC fisheries for their stores and restaurants they know that
Ocean Choice can offer a variety of species to fulfill their requirements.”

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