Adjusted Plan for Long Pond Harbour Proposed Development

Ocean Choice Adjust Long Pond Development Plan
Incorporating Feedback from Residents, Business Owners and Town Council

Since August 2020, Ocean Choice in collaboration with the Town of Conception Bay South has solicited feedback relating to its proposed development plan for Long Pond Harbour. After careful consideration of the feedback received from residents and business owners as well as input provided by Town staff and Council Members,

Ocean Choice has made significant adjustments to its development plan.

Site Specific Safety and Environmental Plan for Preliminary Work 

Permit to Alter a Body of Water

Overview of Updated Development Plan

Ocean Choice’s adjusted plan moves the development significantly to the southwest corner of the harbour towards Terminal Road, the industrial area of the harbour.

The development will see just under 1.7 hectares of new land developed that will house the following:

  • A 90-metre long finger pier;
  • Laydown and parking area; and
  • Cold storage building infrastructure (approximately 36,000 m2).

Key updates to the plan are as follows:

  • Open harbour to the east of the property for recreational boaters travelling from the inner pond
  • The openness of the harbour is maintained, providing existing commercial and recreational users with abundant room to navigate safety in the basin.

Proposed Cold Storage Building

Possible design being considered for the cold storage infrastructure which could continue to be refined

As part of Ocean Choice’s updated development plan, the Company has unveiled the possible design for the cold storage facility, where the Company will store its frozen-at-sea product from five of its offshore fishing vessels. The building has been designed by a local, professional architect firm. The proposed building has a modern, nautical look and feel to highlight Newfoundland and Labrador’s cultural connection with the ocean and the fishery.

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*Possible design being considered for the cold storage infrastructure which could continue to be refined

We want to hear from you!

Ocean Choice is committed to being open and accessible. This begins with taking your questions and comments, and providing you with a way to engage with us on what matters to you.

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What activity will you expect to see?

Five offshore fishing vessels will land each month:

  • Approximately, four shipments of frozen seafood will be trucked from the facility per day.
  • On average a vessel will take two to three days to offload. Offloading is carried out with the use of a forklift.
  • Four to five delivery trucks per vessel, per turn around for fueling, food and supply delivery.
  • Changeover of crew members.
  • Vessel landing and offloading as well as cold storage operations and the shipment of frozen product will occur on Terminal Road — the commercial side of the harbour.

Cold storage operations are very different than operating a fish plant. Many seafood cold storage facilities in Newfoundland and Labrador are located within the heart of the community with minimal disruption to community life and are similar to the operation of other food cold storage facilities.

How a seafood cold storage facility operates: Frozen-at-sea product is offloaded from offshore fishing vessels and stored at the cold storage facility in its frozen state until the product is shipped to global markets. No processing takes place at the cold storage facility, resulting in no odour.

Ocean Choice has been actively engaged in rigorous federal, provincial and municipal regulatory approvals and is currently working with the proper regulatory bodies to inform them of the revised development plan. Ocean Choice will continue to adhere to the regulations and processes deemed necessary by the expert authorities, and all authorizations and permits will be in place prior to the start of any work.

Safe access and navigation for those who currently use the area for recreation and/or business purposes is a priority for Ocean Choice. With the updated development plan, the navigation path used today by boaters travelling from the inner pond will remain relatively unchanged as a result of the development.

A clearly marked channel along the eastern edge of the property will provide recreational boaters from the inner pond with significant space to safely navigate the area. The updated plan will be submitted to the Navigable Waters Division of Transport Canada for authorization, the expert authority relating to navigation.

About Ocean Choice

Ocean Choice is a family-owned and -operated Newfoundland and Labrador company that employs over 1,700 people in 300 communities throughout the province. We operate five fish processing plants and six offshore fishing vessels, and we source seafood from over 1,900 independent fishermen and women from across the province.