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Supply Chains Act

Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act

Canada’s new Act on fighting against forced labour and child labour (Bill S-211) was passed on May 11, 2023 and comes into effect on January 1, 2024. Affected businesses must report by May 31, 2024, on specific details and steps taken in its previous financial year to help prevent and reduce forced labour. To assist companies and other businesses prepare now for these new transparency and disclosure requirements, we have compiled commonly asked questions about the new Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act (the Act).

Ocean Choice International is seeking to collect environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data from its suppliers to inform its decision-making, improve its reporting, and better identify risks and opportunities across its supply chain.  The purpose of this questionnaire is to document your company’s performance against our; “Code of Business Conduct” i.e.. (1) business ethics, (2) respect for worker’s protection; (3) child and forced labour; (4) respect for our environment; and (5) sustainability and social responsibility. Ocean Choice is seeking to document the practices of its supply chain and your participation in this initiative is appreciated.  Please take 5 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

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Supple Chain Questionnaire

We are committed to adhering to the tenets outlined in Bill S-211, guaranteeing that our operations and supply chains remain untainted by modern slavery and human trafficking. Continuously, we assess and refine our policies and procedures to align with this significant legislation, actively participating in the global campaign to eliminate modern slavery.