Our People

At the helm of OCI is a seasoned management team with decades of experience in the seafood industry.

We understand the priorities of our markets, the requirements of our customers, and we’re confident in our ability to provide the best in quality and value, every time.

Martin Sullivan
Chief Executive Officer

Blaine Sullivan
Chief Operating Officer

Rosemary Kennedy
Chief Financial Officer

Greg Viscount
General Manager

Loyola Sullivan
Vice President, Resource Management & Sustainability

Paula Kieley
Executive Assistant/Media Contact

Dale Oldford
Vice President of Product Management & Marketing Services

Craig Whiffen
Product Manager, Lobster/Cooked and Peeled Shrimp

Shane Sullivan
Product Manager, Inshore Products

Kristopher Smith
Product Manager, Offshore Products

Monica Zhang
Market Coordinator

Heather Holwell
Product Manager Groundfish

Chris Curran
Vice President North American Sales

Mike Santamaria
North American Sales

Jeff Elliott

Chuck Bencal
Eastern US & Fresh Seafood

Ken Lemons
Central US

Liu Xiaokang
General Manager, China

Shigeho Ueda
General Manager, OCI Japan

Harris Lo

Julis Chen
China/Hong Kong

Steve Spicer
General Manager Sales and Marketing, Europe

Sandrine Etienne
Sales Manager, France

Azedine Fhima
Sales Manager, Eastern Europe

Sigrid Zenker
Sales Manager, Germany/Switzerland

Alan Hebenton
Sales Manager, UK and Ireland

Riccardo Massetti
Sales Manager, Italy

Andy Sullivan
Director, Inshore Operations

Rick Ellis
Director, Fleet Operations

Alvin Roff
Director, Groundfish Operations

Lisa Ausum
Director, Quality Assurance and Technical Services