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3Ps Atlantic Cod Fishery Enters MSC Full Assessment

March 13, 2014

Ocean Choice International (Ocean Choice) and Icewater Seafoods Inc. (Icewater) are pleased to announce that Canada’s 3Ps Atlantic Cod fishery has entered the full assessment process to be evaluated against the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard for sustainable and well managed fisheries In accordance with the MSC standard, the assessment will evaluate the status of the 3Ps Atlantic cod stock, the impacts that the fishery has on the marine ecosystem and the management system overseeing the fishery.
“We take great pride in ensuring all our fisheries operate in a responsible and sustainable
manner, and achieving MSC certification will reaffirm that we are doing the right thing,” said
Martin Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer of Ocean Choice.
“Icewater is pleased to be a client on this important assessment and we look forward to
achieving MSC certification for 3Ps cod,” said Alberto Wareham, President and CEO of
Icewater Seafoods.
The 3Ps Atlantic Cod fishery is harvested by the inshore and offshore sectors and a majority
of this fish is processed in Newfoundland and Labrador. “This allows us to implement
sustainable practices throughout the chain and deliver consistent high quality cod to the
marketplace,” said Sullivan. The respected MSC eco label provides assurance that this
fishery is well managed and sustainable, factors that are extremely important to consumers
around the globe. The 3Ps cod fishery has been in a WWF led Fishery Improvement Project
(FIP) with a group of stakeholders for the past 3 years, during which important strides were
made to get the fishery prepared for entry into MSC certification.
MSC is considered the preeminent international standard for certification of sustainable
fisheries. In order to achieve certification, every fishery must prove that it meets three
1. A fishery must be conducted in a manner that does not lead to over fishing or
depletion of the exploited populations.
2. Fishing operations should allow for the maintenance of the structure, productivity,
function and diversity of the ecosystem.
3. The fishery is subject to an effective management system that requires use of the
resource to be responsible and sustainable.
OCI and Icewater are committed to working with the WWF, MSC, various levels of
Government and Science as well as other fisheries stakeholders to ensure that future
generations of harvesters, processors and consumers enjoy the bounty of our oceans. As
more and more customers target MSC fisheries for their stores and restaurants they know
that wild caught products from Newfoundland and Labrador can offer a variety of species to
fulfill their requirements.
About OCI
Ocean Choice International is one of Canada’s leading vertically integrated seafood
harvesting, processing and marketing companies with operations throughout Atlantic Canada
and Sales & Marketing offices around the world. As Canada’s largest wild fish quota holder
OCI is a leader in fishing and processing technology and market development.
About Icewater
Icewater Seafoods Inc. is a vertically integrated groundfish company focused on producing
premium quality products for the European and North American markets with operations in
Arnold’s Cove, NL and have been part of the fishery for generations.

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