FAS Shell On Shrimp

Pandalus Borealis

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  • OCI-owned quota for guaranteed supply
  • Year round fishing
  • All natural, no preservatives
  • Product of Canada
  • Fished with Newfoundland Lynx
Ocean Choice International's FAS fleet catches the best-tasting cold-water shrimp in the world. To best seal in their sweet taste and plump texture, our shrimp are frozen within minutes of being harvested from the North Atlantic, and are all natural with no preservatives. Our cold-water shrimp are famous across the globe, from high-end restaurants to home kitchens, and our year-round supply means they're always available to you.
Raw (Ama Ebi) Cooked 70-150 ct/kg 70-90 ct/kg 80-100 ct/kg 90-120 ct/kg 90-120+ ct/kg 120-150 ct/kg 120-170 ct/kg 150-180 ct/kg 180+ ct/kg 200+ ct/kg 12 x 1kg cartons 5kg cartons17 kg bags
Custom packing available (please check with an OCI representative in your area)