Yellowtail Flounder

Limanda Ferruginea

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Yellowtail Flounder

  • MSC certified fishery
  • Fresh and frozen fillets
  • Skinless and skin-on fillets
  • Pan ready, H&G (headed and gutted) and WR (whole round) fish
  • Industrial foodservice and retail packs
  • By-products available

OCI owns 91% of the MSC certified Yellowtail Flounder quota, which is harvested year round with OCI owned frozen-at-sea vessels (see OCI fleet)

As a vertically integrated company, OCI controls the value chain from ocean to plate.  We ensure high quality product from harvest to processing and distibution to customers.  This premium flatfish is a favourite around the world because of its sweat, mild taste and flakey texture.  Our Yellowtail Flounder is offered in a variety of forms, to meet the needs of our global customers.

Our yellowtail flounder fishery has been MSC certified since 2010.


Fresh Fillets

IQF Skinless Fillets

Shatterpack skinless Fillets

Shatterpack skin-on Fillets

Fillet Block

FAS Whole ROund




2-4,3-5,4-6,6-8 oz

2,3,4,5,6,7,8 oz

1.5,3-5,5-8,8+ oz



<300, 300-400 gm

100-200, 200-300gm


1 x 10 lb

1 x 10 lb

4 x 10 lb

4 x 10 lb

1 x 16.5 lb